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Removable  Retainers

When braces are finally removed, the “retention” phase begins for most individuals.  The objective of this phase is to ensure the teeth do not regress back to their previous position.  A retainer will be used to maintain the improved position of the teeth.  A retainer is a fixed  custom-made to fit the teeth.  Retainers are generally made from transparent plastic.

Retainers are worn for varying amounts of time and sometimes ‘ for life’.  Perseverance and commitment are required to make this final stage of treatment successful.  If the retainer is not worn as directed  treatment can fail or take much longer than anticipated.

Fixed Retainers

Bonded retainers are a small wire apparatus that are attached to the teeth through the use of dental glue. Just as when you were wearing braces, cleaning your teeth and the bonded retainer is of great importance in order to prevent the build up of plaque. By staying away from sugary drinks and foods, you can ensure your bonded retainer and teeth are in a good condition. After all, you don’t want to go and ruin your brand new smile by allowing them to decay and require removal.

Can the bonded retainer help me?

Bonded retainers are a great way to ensure the future alignment of your teeth. In order to discover if you are suitable for treatment, please get in contact with the friendly team here at Meares Dental Surgery today.